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Harriet Levin Millan

Charter for Compassion Global Read Announced August 24, 2016

  • By Harriet Levin Millan
  • 26 Aug, 2016

Educating the Heart

School has already started, or will be starting shortly in the northern hemisphere, and educators are thinking about how to prepare for another school year in the southern hemisphere. The Charter wants to help in both cases. While we might refer to this newsletter as a SPECIAL EDUCATION ISSUE, it is more than that--it is for everyone--no matter your age.

Before we go into some new happenings in education that the Charter is planning, it seems this is a good time to re-introduce you to material we have on our website and to ask you to consider some possible actions. Do you know we have a Charter for Compassionate Schools? Yes, we have, and you'll find it under the Education Sector of our website. Hundreds of schools and even school districts have signed the Charter and we hope that you too will spread the word. There is also a Children's Charter for Compassion for younger students with a link to activity books to support the teaching of compassion.

The Education Sector also has several annotated bibliographies: Teaching Children about Compassion, a list of recommended books for teachers and parents; Compassion Themed Books for Children Pre-school to Grade Five and another for Grades 6-12; and a special bibliography on The Best LGBT Children's Books and another on The Relationship between Compassion and Nature.

Another special feature located in the Education Sector is The Compassion Education Reader. The Compassion Education Reader is divided into topics that range in presentation from investigating compassion and other related skills (i.e., altruism, empathy, forgiveness, gratitude, happiness, integrity, justice, kindness, mindfulness, resilience, self-compassion, and responsibility), and finding ways that they can be applied to education, to reading about some of the latest research on the science of compassion.

Of utmost importance for parents, as well as teachers, are articles that relate directly to raising a responsible child. Also, there are two sections that speak to new ideas and theories about education. "Thinking about Education," provides background information and in most cases, video presentations on radical ("getting to the root") and transformational ideas for the classroom and beyond, from pre-school to graduate school, and within community-based settings. "Successful Education Models and Organizations" presents new approaches that are demonstrating some significant measure of success throughout the global community.

Announcing Our First Education Global Read: How Fast Can You Run

Join author Harriet Levin Millan and protagonist of How Fast Can You Run, Michael Majok Kuch, in a book discussion on February 22, 2017. Register here.

This is a tremendous opportunity to plan to read a book that Kirkus Review calls "A deeply felt novel of grace and intelligence." How Fast Can You Run will be released on October 26, 2016. If you are a teacher, assign the book for a class read or as a special project. If you are a Charter member of any age join the call. Link here for additional information and background and study guide material. Purchase How Fast Can You Run through Amazon: and sign-up to support the Charter for Compassion International.

Set across a backdrop of refugee migration that spans Africa, America and Australia, How Fast Can You Run is the inspiring story of Michael Majok Kuch and his journey to find his mother. In 1988, Majok, as a five-year-old boy, fled his burning village in southern Sudan when the North systematically destroyed it, searching for John Garang, the South’s leader. Majok, along with thousands of other fleeing people, many of them unaccompanied minors, trekked through the wilderness in Sudan, Ethiopia, and Kenya to arrive at a series of refugee camps where he would live for the next ten years. When the U.S. brokered an agreement, granting approximately 4,000 unaccompanied minors political asylum, Majok, now Michael, was given a new start in the U.S. Yet his new life was not without trauma. He faced prejudice once again, disrupting the promise of his new beginnings. This is a story of a survivor who in facing challenge after challenge summons the courageous spirit of millions of refugees throughout history and today.

By Harriet Levin Millan 11 Jun, 2017

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Harvard Square Editions at AWP

in Washington DC February 8-11

Attending this year's Association of Writers & Writing Programs Conference in Washington D.C. next week? Harvard Square Editions is excited to be presenting migrant novel author, Harriet Levin Millan, in conversation with authors Fabienne Joshaphat and Dina Elenbogen in a panel entitled, “When Writers Move In and Out of Their Countries and Genres,”   Friday, February 10th at 9 AM   in the Liberty Salon L, Marriott Marquis, Meeting Level 4

What happens when poets delve into fiction and expand not only the borders of genre but their physical and emotional terrain? What explorations do they conduct in their attempt to resist limitations and cross cultural divides? The three panelists have among them written books set in Israel, South Sudan and Haiti. Come hear these practicing writers talk about what they have learned in their journey to overcome ascribed attitudes and identities.

HSE’s   How Fast Can You Run   will be for sale on the Politics and Prose Book Fair table or   reserve your copy here , and don’t forget to sign up for   How Fast Can You Run’s   Charter for Compassion Global Read that will take place on   Feb. 22 at 12 noon: for free registration,   click here .

By Harriet Levin Millan 15 Apr, 2017
By Harriet Levin Millan 26 Nov, 2016
By Harriet Levin Millan 26 Nov, 2016
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